#2 Cylinder Complete Head Kit

Fits Models FH601D, FH601V, FH641D, FH641V, FH661V, FH680D, FH680V, FH721D, FH721V

Complete Cylinder Head Kits Include: Cylinder head, Valves, Springs, Spring caps, Rocker Arms, Rocker Studs, Collets, Adjuster nuts, Lock screws, Valve Guides, Push Rods Guide, Push Rods, Valve Seals, Head Gasket, Exhaust Gasket, Intake Gasket and Valve Cover Gasket. If you are buying a Gasket Set or Rebuild Kit already with Gaskets and Seals. See our Basic Head Kits with no Gaskets or Seals.

All items in this kit are Genuine Kawasaki Parts

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  • Category: Head Kits
  • Brand: Kawasaki

  • $329.99